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Monthly Archives: November 2019

    Shop ‘Til You Drop

    By Ashlee Utt | November 27, 2019

    When you hear the words “Black Friday”, do you get excited? Do you start researching all of the stores that will have the best deals? Does your shopping crew literally map out a game plan of what stores to hit in order or high demand items?  Black Friday is a time where shoppers get up... Read More

    Give Thanks with Great Food

    By Ashlee Utt | November 22, 2019

    “Sure! I’ll bring something!” The four words that may cause the most stress during the holidays. They seem harmless enough, until you’re down to the wire, have nothing to bring, and no ideas. Don’t arrive empty handed this Thanksgiving. The Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team has the top 3 best recipes to satisfy any crowd.... Read More

    5 Tips for Decorating your On-The-Market Home

    By Ashlee Utt | November 18, 2019

    Many homeowners make the switch in their holiday decorating the minute November 1st hits, making the change from Halloween to Christmas. Even television and radio programs make the switch. Holiday movies and songs are played from November until the end of December, despite the fact that there is still a holiday, Thanksgiving, in between. Some... Read More

    You Have a Partner with ReMax

    By Ashlee Utt | November 14, 2019

    In this day and age, we go to the internet for everything. Directions, recipes, furniture, electronics, and the list never ends. Selling your previous home and shopping for your new dream home online may seem like the better and more efficient option, but what about that secret gem that the internet cannot find? What about... Read More

    Veterans, We Salute You

    By Ashlee Utt | November 8, 2019

    The Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team would like to take a moment to thank all of the past, present, and future military members and their families for their sacrifice and dedication to a higher cause.  This weekend marks a great opportunity for communities to come together in remembrance, celebration, and support to honor those who... Read More

    All For A Good Cause

    By Ashlee Utt | November 6, 2019

    Founded in August 2011, the Helping Hand Me Downs (HHMD) organization has served over 25,000 families in need of clothing, shoes, socks, toys, and books. Families are encouraged to borrow what they need then return the items when children outgrow them. In this way, families are empowered to help other families and it also allows... Read More