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    Sellers: Feeling Like You Could Use Some Luck?

    stjosephstatuehomesellerIn honor of the luckiest month of the year, I’d like to share some tips for generating LUCK in your home buying or selling process. Sure, most of these superstitions have no way of proving their rate of success, but some people swear by these methods. If you find yourself having some bad luck in your home buying or selling, perhaps incorporating a few of these old wives tales could be just what you need!

    Trouble Selling? Bury This Statue

    One of the oldest home selling superstitions is that of the Saint Joseph statue. Saint Joseph is a Catholic Saint and the patron saint against doubt and hesitation. Many people believe burying a statue of this saint in their yard will help sell their home. There are tales of homes that go for months without an offer — and then someone buries St. Joseph on the property and the offers come. The superstition says to bury the statue face down, head towards the street and near your “For Sale” sign. After the home has successfully sold, dig up the statue and put him in a place of reverence in your new home.

    Apply This Ancient Art

    The Chinese art of Feng Shui is a favorite of many homeowners looking to improve their chances of selling their home. According to Chinese beliefs, Feng Shui attracts “positive energy to the home and energizes your life in the areas of health, career, love, marriage and wealth”. Some people may also do a ritual cleansing of their home to rid the home of any negative or unlucky energies that may have collected over the years.

    Play the Numbers Game

    Chinese culture also has something to say about numbers. The number 8, for instance, is considered lucky because it is pronounced similarly to the Chinese word for wealth and prosperity. Therefore, homes with an 8 as the last digit (before zeros) in the asking price are more likely to sell. Additionally, the number 4 is considered unlucky and should be avoided at all costs. Many cultures have superstitions around the number 13 as an unlucky one as well. For example, some buyers won’t close on a home on the 13th of the month, especially if it falls on a Friday!

    Don’t Get Swept Away

    Finally, when you move into your new home, don’t take your old broom with you. Apparently, there is a superstition that if you bring an old broom into a new home, you will carry bad luck into your new living space. No word yet on whether this old superstition applies to Swiffer sweepers or not, but maybe you’d better leave it behind just to be safe.

    You don’t really need lucky superstitions to sell your home or find a new home, just a great real estate team! Contact my team today, and we’ll be the only lucky charm you need!

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