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5 Tips to Fall in Love (With Your Home) Again

In this month where we celebrate love, I want to focus on one of the biggest relationships in your life. It’s there for you when you feel bad, it surrounds you when you feel good. When you want to be alone, or want to be surrounded by friends and family: YOUR HOME!

Just like any other relationship in your life, your relationship with your home needs to be nurtured. Often, people feel trapped by a home that makes them unhappy and they start looking elsewhere. If you think changing your surroundings will fix everything, I’ve got some news for you: it won’t. You may find that surprising to hear from a realtor, but I want you to be happy in the home you are in before you start looking for a new one!

fall in love with your homeThis month, I have collected a few ‘relationship tips’ to help you fall back in love with your home.

Schedule a “Date Night”: Oftentimes our lives get so busy and hectic we forget to give our homes the TLC they need. Make sure you set aside some time to give a little attention to your home. Simple chores when done often can take as little as 5-10 minutes! Make it a fun ritual by putting on your favorite song!

Communication is Key: Just like our personal relationship require open honest communication, be sure you are listening to what your home is telling you it needs. Keep an eye (or ear) out for areas of your home that are deteriorated or worn, try to fix those minor areas before it becomes a major (and costly!) problem.

Spice Things Up! Has your home looked the same since the day you moved in? Time to shake it up, try something new in your home. Paint a bold accent wall or get a new rug. Change out your curtains or rearrange the furniture, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Simple changes, even to just one or two rooms in your house – the ones you spend the most time in – can really revitalize your relationship with your home.

Do Something Over The Top: When you’ve been neglecting a relationship, sometimes one grand gesture can help swing things back into balance. With your home, take some time to do one grand gesture towards home care. Maybe you dust and clean all your baseboards, or change your furnace filters. Focus on one large task and complete that, it will give your home the boost it needs.

Have Fun: Remember what it was about your home that made you fall in love with it in the first place. Then spend some quality time enjoying it. Was it the large spacious kitchen? Make your favorite meal or bake some fancy cookies! Was it the master bathroom with the lavish tub? Light some candles and take a relaxing bath. Perhaps it was the sunroom? Curl up with your favorite book in the sunbeams. Whatever it was, take some time to enjoy the things that you fell in love with, and you’ll be back to your honeymoon phase in no time!

If you have a great relationship with your home, but know in your heart you want to find something else, contact my team! I will help find you your next dream home. Plus, it is always easier to sell a home when the seller knows it will be a great place for someone else!

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  • GREAT article! !! Thank you so much for this inspiration to get me focused on making our new house our home. In July will be 2 years since we moved in and haven’t really made it our own. You are truly an awesome realtor! !!

    • Mimi,
      Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you found inspiration in this article. Now that you have lived in your home for a while it is time to make it your own! Take a walk through each room. Think about how each room is utilized and the feeling it gives you when you walk in. If it doesn’t feel quite you, start with the walls. Paint can transform a room quickly, give a big impact, and is budget friendly. Good Luck!

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