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All For A Good Cause

Founded in August 2011, the Helping Hand Me Downs (HHMD) organization has served over 25,000 families in need of clothing, shoes, socks, toys, and books. Families are encouraged to borrow what they need then return the items when children outgrow them. In this way, families are empowered to help other families and it also allows Helping Hand Me Downs to keep in contact with those that they have serviced.

After supplying families with their immediate needs, HHMD then helps to set long term goals like housing programs, employment aid, childcare, and transportation. By creating a one-stop resource for families in need, HHMD has provided the tools necessary for families to get back on their feet and thrive.

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be given a Community Partnership Award from Stephanie Williamson, founder of Helping Hand Me Downs. Because of all the amazing things it stands for, I made it a personal goal this year to donate $10,000 by December to HHMD. As of October, my team and I have reached a goal of $7,400 and still have two months to go! I am very proud of this organization and the cooperation and teamwork of our partnership. I am excited to continue our work together to reach our goal.

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