Curb Appeal Counts

    Spring is upon us! Does your home look cared for or is it suffering from the winter blahs? We’ve all heard the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. That also holds true for your home! If a potential buyer drives up, they want to see a home that is well kept with an inviting entryway. Your goal as a seller is to get potential buyers excited to see the inside, not turn and go the other direction. Neglecting your home’s exterior can leave it looking tired and rundown. Try a few or all of these low cost projects to boost your home’s curb appeal, add value, and draw in the buyers.

    garden-gnomeDeclutter: Just like the inside of your home, potential buyers want to see themselves living there. All of the personal touches that make it “you” should be packed away so buyers are not distracted by your things. Garden gnomes, fairy signs and junkyard treasures can turn away buyers. While cute to some people, others can not see beyond the chachkies to the real bones of the house and themselves living in it.

    Power Wash: Use a pressure washer to remove mold, dirt and dust buildup from the house. Begin at the top and work your way down in a smooth, controlled manner, and overlap your strokes for a seamless finish. Don’t forget to wash your windows inside and out! Clean windows add a sparkle to your exterior and warm, natural glow inside. Best of all natural light is FREE!

    Touch up trim or paint house: Protect your investment and keep it looking good. A fresh coat of paint every few years will prevent water from penetrating and damaging your home as well as keep it fresh and new. For best results, be sure to prepare the surface before you begin painting.

    imagesFresh Color for the Front Door: Most exterior paint will cost you approximately $30-$50 a gallon. A small investment that can make a BIG R.O.I. Don’t be afraid to add a bold pop of color to welcome potential buyers by the unexpected. Think of your front door as your statement piece of jewelry on your favorite little black dress. Set the tone of your home from the curb. What does your door say? Is it inviting or turning people away? Cheerful or tired? Traditional or a little more contemporary? 28 Inviting Colors to Paint a Front Door >>

    Manicure: Mow, shape or remove overgrown trees and shrubs, prune, weed, and mulch. Low-maintenance, clean landscaping looks great and doesn’t scare off buyers who may have busy schedules and not want the added burden a yard requiring constant upkeep. When choosing trees and plants, select those which are native to your area. Generally, native plants require less watering and upkeep. If you don’t have a green thumb use hardscape materials to create an attractive minimalist design. Just be sure to choose materials and design that complement your home.

    Time is valuable to everyone. This may sound like a lot of weekends worth of work. You may be asking if it is really worth it? Well, I am telling you that if a buyer doesn’t like the outside while doing a “drive-by” or trolling your listing on the web, they will most likely not want to come inside. In today’s competitive market, it is worth it to spend extra time working on your property’s exterior as much as the interior.

    From the curb through the front door, we are here to help. Contact my team today, we’ll get your home sold! Let’s invite potential buyers inside.

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