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Getting Rid of the Clutter

In the process of moving? Whether you’re packing up your rooms or unpacking your treasures, creating a system to declutter your house can make sense with a big change in your life.

Then Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team has advice on the best way to clear out the clutter that doesn’t belong. When analyzing the belongings that you have think of them in terms of their importance to you. 

Do you absolutely love it and know you can’t live without it?

Is it something that can be borrowed or bought again if necessary?

Do you have the space for it, really?

Is it something that you use every day or just occasionally?

If you can answer no to these questions, then you probably can do without that chair that just collects folded laundry. Or that piece of exercise equipment from three New Years Eve resolutions ago. What about that picture frame with the seashells from your family Florida trip from five years ago? Let’s be honest, you’re not creating a beach-themed bathroom. Let it go.


If you’ve taken out the bags, bins, and markers to start organizing, labeling, and purging, follow the simple steps below to get you on the right track.

  • Look around each room. If you can categorize any of your possessions as a non-negotiable, not getting rid of it item, keep it.
  • Items that are difficult to replace and you use them every day for something productive, keep it.
  • Belongings that have sentimental value, keep of course.
  • Something that fits and supports your overall goals and values, keep.


Removing the excess in our lives can help us to find balance and a sense of completeness. Let the Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team help you get started today!

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