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When Your House Becomes an Empty Nest

graduation-hat4Congratulations to all of the graduates! Now what? Do you suddenly find yourself with an empty nest? For some of you, your son or daughter may be going off to college, the military or moving out for other reasons. It’s a big step in our child’s life that can bring mixed feelings as a parent. On one hand, you are elated that your child has accomplished so much over the past 18 or so years and finally achieved adult freedom. On the other hand, it is hard to let them go. How will they survive in the “real world” without you by their side every day? Are they truly ready? Are you ready to let them go? How will you fill the void in your house? These are all questions you may be asking yourself right now. There are emotional connections to the room where your son and or daughter played on the floor and soundly slept at night. You could peek in and reassure yourself that everything was okay. If you are dealing with an empty nest I hope to enlighten you on some options to make the transition a little easier.

This month has been about new beginnings for me and several of my friends. While I do not have an empty nest, I can empathize with those of you who do. As a realtor, I see the emotional connection that a home holds for a family and want to help you through this transition.

The Extra Bedroom. Does it go untouched filled with memories of days gone by or is it time for a change? If it’s time to take back some needed space, think about your needs and what will help you move into your future. Perhaps you want a more restful guest room where friends and family would feel welcomed rather than one that has very personal touches left behind by your son or daughter. Posters of pop culture, trophies, dried up corsages, and ticket stubs will leave a lasting impression for guests but it may not be the one you want to be implanted in their brains. Instead, take a photo of the items that mean so much to you and you child and then clear the clutter. A fresh room may just raise your spirits. Some other ideas would be a craft or hobby room, workout area, dream dressing a76f103ced494dcfb7b08f3e1c1fc52froom, or a relaxing meditation space.

Think about Downsizing. Is it time to downsize and get a fresh start? A smaller home mortgage may allow you to do more traveling or pick up on a hobby you once put to the wayside when you put your family’s needs before your own. There are things you should discuss with a realtor such as current market and interest rates. Consider the emotion cons and financial pros before any move.

When you need a realtor, give me a call 636.326.2290. My team would be happy to provide you with all of the support needed to get you and your empty nest ready to sell.

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