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How to Be Grateful In the Home You Have

love your homeIn my last post, I shared some ‘relationship’ tips on learning to love your home again. This month, we’re still focusing on love and ways to love your home. But these suggestions may require more thoughtful planning. The home you currently complain about is probably someone else’s dream home! If you are not quite ready to sell or buy, following this advice can help you love and appreciate the home you have, which will help you down the road when you are ready to sell!

I’m sure you have a list for what you want in a dream home. If it’s just a list in your head, write it out. Take a long hard look at that list with a new perspective. If you are wanting more space, try to look at how you are using the space you have? Are there areas that could be improved or changed to give you more space, if even just a little? Do you long for space for a backyard garden? Maybe you could try your hand at some container plants for your kitchen to address that desire. When you are able to change your attitude towards your home, when you can be grateful for the things your home has, you begin to see it in a different way.

Don’t be afraid to change things in your home. Take the time to work on a project that will have a big impact. Maybe you have been feeling like you want to paint your kitchen cabinets, but are overwhelmed by taking on such a seemingly large task. It will take time, and some sweat, but the change it will bring to your home will be worth it. This is your HOME, take the time to make the changes that will change how you feel about your home. When you have slaved over a project, you will be that much more appreciative of the end result. Paint can be covered, holes can be spackled, don’t fear making changes to your living space. Maybe painting isn’t your thing, you can still make impactful changes. Spend the weekend rearranging and redecorating the room you spend the most time in. Maybe you need to switch things up entirely – make the dining area your living room, make the living area your dining room (or whatever your current floor plan lends itself to).

Lastly, take the time to clear out the things that are no longer serving you and donate them. If an item is not being used or bring you joy, toss it in the donations box. When that box is full, take it to Goodwill or Salvation Army or another great organization that accepts donations. Don’t let that “stuff to give away” pile linger. Clear it out!

When you love your home, you’ll have more realistic expectations and desires when the time comes to sell your home and find a new one. When you are ready for that, contact my team! We would love to help you find your next home to love.

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