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Let’s Get Organized!

Lose weight. Join a gym. Cut back on spending. Plan a trip. Read more. Spend more time with those close to you. Get organized. We all have that list of New Year’s resolutions that come with the ball drop ending the previous year. This year, the Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team’s New Year’s resolution is to get our homes more organized.

Let things go.

Purge anything that you can stand to part with. This may be the hardest part, but it can also be the most rewarding in the end.

One step at a time.

Don’t try to organize the entire house right from the start. Plan it out. Work on a room each weekend. Break the large, overwhelming task into smaller, more manageable parts.

Bins, Buckets, and Baskets

After your room is purged and ready to be put back together, your belongings have to go somewhere. Decorative, yet functional storage containers can be your best friends and add a visual element to any room.

Use the Space

Under-bed storage containers are great for those items that won’t fit in a dresser. Organization cubes are fantastic for kids’ toys and collectibles. A chest for the foot of the bed can hold extra bedding and blankets, as well as be an additional seat in the room.

The New Year can mean a new you or a new look to your home. Getting into the daunting task of organizing can be made enjoyable with a few minor adjustments to your plan and mindset. Start small, utilize the space, and think outside of the box.

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