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The Battle Between New and Old



A lived-in house or one under new construction: which is better to buy? There are many benefits to either, all depending on which is right for you and your family.


New houses may be first on your buyer list, but in today’s market, a new, freshly built home could cost you almost 30% more than an “existing home”. Buyer budgets play a big role in whether or not to purchase a home that is brand new or one that has been lived-in before. However, many “existing” or “old” homes can come with their share of costs, depending on the home. 


Older, existing homes can come with a list of to-dos, depending on the home and the new homeowner. New paint and decor, remodeling, repairs and updates throughout the life of your purchase can add up unexpectedly. It’s inevitable, homes cost money, no matter how “new” or “old” they are. New homes should be more “worry-free” for the first several years since they are the most up-to-date, but you never know what could happen. Be sure that with any home purchase, you have a full inspection to let you know what to expect. 


A new, built home can be just what a potential buyer is looking for due to the fact that they can customize a lot of the design. Most new homes offer wide-open floor plans, higher ceilings, more windows, and energy-efficient commodities. Older homes do sometimes have a more historic and comfortable look and feel to them. 


When you are thinking about buying a home, it is all up to preference if wanting to purchase one freshly built or one that has been established for many years. A new home can have that modern and eclectic look and feel, while an older home can be something that can start simple and be changed to fit a lifestyle over time. Either way, let the Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team get you started on your path to your new, or old, home.

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