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The Perfect Time to Buy

2020 is here! The Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team has the best advice to help you purchase a new home that you have been interested in this new year.

Improve your home-buying odds this next year by whipping your finances into tip-top shape!

  1. Check your credit. Lower credit scores can influence whether or not you are able to purchase a home. Without higher scores, interest rates and loan amounts can be greatly affected, causing you to spend more over the life of your loan. 
  2. Build a stable credit history. Lenders want to make sure that you have a solid credit history, that you make your payments monthly, and that they are on time. This shows that you are a responsible borrower and less of a risk. 
  3. Avoid job hopping. If a new job is in the works this next year, let your lender know immediately. Lenders use your steady job history as a means of determining your projected income. Changing careers multiple times in a small amount of time can be a red flag to some. 
  4. Avoid large purchases. By avoiding taking on larger debts while trying to purchase a home, the home buying process can potentially run a lot smoother. Large purchases can affect your debt-to-income ratio and make it difficult to be approved for the amount of money needed through a loan to buy a new house.


The Zillow Porchlight blog offers great tips on how to purchase a new home this next year.


Also, don’t forget! The Becky O’Neill Power Selling Team is geared up and ready to help you find that dream home of yours for 2020. Contact the team as soon as possible to get started today!



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