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    My wife and I put our condo on the market in 2007 with a local agent in Lisle across the street from the property. Over the course of a year and a half with this agent we dropped the price two times, and put over $5,000 in renovations including new carpet, doors, and light fixtures. Even in the peak summer months we didn’t even have a nibble, little to no feedback was provided, and the agent told us again that the property was too expensive, the market is bad, and there is too much competition. In November 2008 the agent’s contract expired and we decided the best option was to list it with another agent. Becky O’Neil was refereed to us from my brother, he said, “if the property is ever going to sell in this market, Becky is the one to do it.” After talking with my brother, I was 100% sure that Becky was the best agent to work with. When I spoke with her the first time I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and aggressiveness to market the property. She talked about sending a mass e-mail blast to over 12,000 prospective buyers, providing a comprehensive internet packaging including a virtual 360 tour, and utilizing traditional marketing such as print and newspaper. We knew it was going to be a challenge selling the property with the condition of the market and the difficult winter season ahead. Within days everything was up and running on the internet, ads were sent out, and e-mails were blasted. Within weeks we were given a comprehensive data analysis of the page traffic on our condo including views, time spent, and additional data. Any time there was a showing insignificant or significant we were e-mail and/or called. Every time we had a question or comment Becky and her personal staff promptly sent a reply. When I say “promptly” I mean within minutes. In fact I remember e-mailing her at 10:20 at night and she replied back to me 10 minutes later. I would constantly be getting info from her via her iPhone. Even though our property was not very expensive and even though she typically does not deal in Lisle she still put in 100% and sold our property with 3 months! After being on the market for over a year and a half with another Realtor located across the street, Becky was able to promote, market, and sell the property within 3 months in a very difficult market, with an overwhelming amount of competition, and in the middle of winter. Not only was she able to sell it promptly against all odds she sold it for exactly what we were looking for. If I ever was going to sell, buy, rent, or do anything with real estate property I would absolutely without hesitation work with Becky O’Neill. – Mark & Stephanie Wonderlin

    We enlisted the help of Becky and team for buying and selling and couldn’t be happier with our decision. From the initial meeting to closing, Becky was extremely helpful, highly motivated, and very professional. She clearly communicated to us how the market was, what we could do to improve the home, and the best plan to sell our home for top dollar and quickly. The team moved quickly and helped us get the house on the market and under contract on the first day! When purchasing our next home, Becky was amazing at helping us negotiate and always looking out for our best interest. She and the team were excellent at communicating everything throughout the buying and selling process to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We highly recommend the Becky O’Neill team for anyone looking to sell their current home or buy a new home. We think we found our “forever home”, but if not, we will call Becky if we need to move again!

    Joe & Kim Grana

    When my husband and I bought our house we were new to the process and very nervous. I found a mortgage company online and started looking at houses on Zillow.

    The first interesting house was being represented by Karen Cowie at Becky O’Neill Power Home Selling Team at RE/MAX Gold. I called the number and set up my first house viewing. Karen was so happy and completely supportive during the viewing process. She always had good questions to help us focus on what we really wanted. We never once felt pressured or that she didn’t want to be there. She stuck with us and showed us ever house, even going so far as to see nine houses in one day! Her positivity never wavered.

    Once we found our future home, we started hitting problems. Our mortgage company was not on top of things. They were located in another city and kept having problems with the paperwork. We were terrified we were going to lose our house. The closing date was pushed back three times. If it hadn’t been for the awesome team at Becky O’Neill’s we would have lost our home. They quickly got in touch with their own mortgage partners and came up with a plan. Karen was a problem-solving expert! Everything finally went through because Karen and her colleagues made it happen.

    If I had it to do over again, I would go straight back to Becky O’Neill’s company and have them set up the mortgage company. Don’t go with someone you can’t speak to face-to-face. Trust your realtor! Karen never steered us wrong and they all went out of their way to make sure we had a beautiful home. I highly recommend them.

    Clarissa Galentine

    Clarissa Galentine

    Becky and her team Are amazing I have purchased 2 homes with her and her staff. She was also able to sell my house within 2 weeks at 5k over my asking price she is truly a life saver.

    Kendale Rose

    Becky and her team are FANTASTIC. They helped us sell our old home and buy our new one. Becky really knows the St. Louis market– she did a lot of research on the area where we were selling, and she was always in the know about houses coming available in the area we were looking to buy. Nicole did a great job marketing our house to sell, and Karen and Brian hosted two successful open houses. Denise was super patient with all of my questions about the contract paperwork and inspection process. The entire team is responsive and professional, and we have been recommending them to friends looking to buy and sell. Overall we were very happy!

    Rachel and Brad Bené

    Karen was absolutely amazing to work with. Everyone on Becky’s team was easy to work with and so professional. Karen recommended a finance team and they were so awesome and made that process so easy. I would/will recommend Karen to everyone I know looking for a house!

    Adam & Samantha Oppelt

    Becky’s team assisted me with purchasing a short sale home. Karen was very prompt in responding to me (as was the whole team once we got closer to closing date). If she didn’t know the answer, she would find out very quickly and call me back. As a consumer, I really appreciated the honesty of her and the whole Becky O’Neill team. I definitely highly recommend them and would use them in listing or purchasing a home. Thank you to all for your help and integrity, it really was a please purchasing my home with you!

    Tara Fosella

    Becky has assembled a great team of professionals who know the real estate business.  We received routine updates on marketing and sales efforts, and buyer feedback was provided regularly.  In the end, she orchestrated the successful sale of our mother’s home.

    Elise Reineck


    “The way we chose you was because of our neighbor, Karen Cowie, who we are good friends with works on your team. So, we got the conversation started. I like working with you because you came in and you gave us some ideas for some upgrades to the house which wouldn’t be terrible but definitely made a difference and the team was awesome to work with, very responsive.” – Al Wilton

    “I was a little unsure about working with an agent with a team because in our buying experience we worked with one person. So I was a little unsure but now that it is all done, I saw exactly why it is so efficient. So we worked with Karen on the open house and Nicole was talking with us almost every day until we got the offer. And then from that point, Denise took over and she contacted me whenever she needed to. She called, texted, emailed and it was so smooth. Like you said, everybody had their job to do and they knew what to do and they were good at that. It made the process so easy.” – Rhonda Wilton

    Al & Rhonda Wilton


    Becky and her whole team were wonderful from start to finish. As a first-time home buyer, I didn’t know anything about the process. Becky was very patient and helpful as I first became interested, organized my finances, and decided to close on the condo. When I was unsure about the lender’s terms, Becky did not hesitate in giving me other options and feedback about a typical experience. I highly recommend reaching out to Becky for any buyer.

    Matt Self & Haley Soetebier


    Becky and her team made my first time buying a home super easy and simple they helped me through every step of the way. I simply can not say thank you enough.

    Kendale Rose

    Becky O'Neill Mission Statement

    "We will offer above and beyond communication in order to build strong trusting relationships, perform with the highest energy and best attitude possible while offering professional, hands-on experience that protects, defends, cares for and insulates our clients from harm while purchasing or selling a home."